Heima® Home & Lifestyle

Heima is home.

Translating to “at home”or  “homeland” in Icelandic, Heima is a home and lifestyle store based in Manila, Philippines. 

Started by partners Bong Rojales and and Rossy Anne Yabut-Rojales, their constant search for beautiful things built a quirky design empire dating back from 2009. Now when you mix a well-versed marketing specialist and one of Manila’s sought after interior designers, the result is expected to be more or less in the area of awesome.

Their company is a vibrant combination of design, furniture and décor and if that’s not enough, there’s scents, music and high quality paper too! With an online store and shops in Makati and Kapitolyo, the well-known Heima Store has a big following of design enthusiast and all those who appreciate a good multi-sensory treat.

In 2014, Heima launched their eighth collection called, ‘This is the Life’ where the promise of lush resorts can be found in your very own home.

Also known for releasing specialty brands like Paper Club and My Apt, Heima is expected to release a new  luxe line under the store 'Rafinne'. Rafinne will produce premium décor to quickly up the ante in any area.

To know more, log on to www.heimastore.com or follow them on Instagram (@heimastore) for details. 

Heima is more than just a store, it is a philosophy for inspired living. Our brand is fueled by the passion for travel, music, and design. Advocating a lifestyle that promotes being original, standing out, and enjoying life’s whimsy, we envision everyone’s homes to be warm and welcoming. We take pride in building happy homes.

Welcome to Heima.